The Better Experience of Life

The Better Experience of Life

Daily sexy pride is good for health...

The scriptum below is from a sexual introduction book.

Do you know what the most important sexual health move is that you should be making now? Do you know the health benefits of having an orgasm? Can you name your parts from the areola to the womb? Do you know what to do if you find a lump in your breast? Do you know why your period takes forever to come? Do you know your contraceptives? Do you know which sex toys you should try and which you should steer away from? This book has all the information and facts and it is all presented in a hip, straight-talking and user-friendly format. Many women think sexual health matters are boring and that they only need to think about them when something goes wrong. However, women's sexuality can influence every aspect of life. Staying sexually healthy is what keeps you sexy, happy and orgasmic. In this book you will find no-nonsense answers to questions you didn't know you needed to ask as well as all those things you are too embarrassed to mention to your doctor. Every area of your sexual life is covered from why sex can hurt, fertility, contraception and unplanned pregnancies. Medical facts are sprinkled throughout the text and there are charts and questionnaires to test your sexual knowledge.

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